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Worship Resources


This page provides a link to a list of resources that may be helpful to those leading public worship. It has been compiled by the Presbytery of Stirling Working Group for training of local worship leaders.

We decided that the list may be useful to a wider audience. It is not a complete list of all woship resources available. Instead, it is a list of a selection of the resources we may use to inspire us when we are leading worship.

Please feel free to use these and direct others to this site if they'd find this list helpful. Please also be aware of, and comply with, any copyright provisions found in these resources.

Further categories will be added over time.

If you have any favourite resources that are not listed here, then please do contact Rev Graham Nash and these may be added to a future list.  GPNash@churchofscotland.org.uk

Resources For worship Leaders

These resources are prepared primarily for those participating in the Presbytery of Stirling’s Local worship Leader Training Courses. However we have decided to make them available to anyone who wishes to use them. We should be grateful if you would acknowledge the Church of Scotland’s Presbytery of Stirling if you share these.

There are a huge number of resources available to those preparing to lead worship, both in book form and web-based.  This is just a very small sample. You may need to use ctrl & click to follow the links.

Please note that the Presbytery of Stirling is not recommending any of these specific resources. It is the responsibility of each user to establish whether the resource is suitable for their use. The Presbytery of Stirling is not responsible for the content on any external links. Any other website is accessed at your own risk.

Beginning with the Bible

You may be asked to use the Revised Common Lectionary which assigns particular Bible readings to each Sunday:



Some churches follow a different syllabus so you may be asked to fit in with an ongoing series; or you may be asked to choose your own passage.

It can be helpful to read the passage in more than one translation. 

Websites such as the following offer that facility and include some commentaries and other study guides.



Your minister or interim moderator is likely to have Bible commentaries at various levels which she/he may be willing for you to borrow.  These are also available to buy at Christian bookshops or online and are an invaluable resource for preachers.

Preparing for worship

The Church of Scotland has many resources available for worship leaders.

The Church of Scotland Guild booklet on worship leading is useful although hymnbook references need to be updated. It is now available in pdf format at


Weekly Worship on the Church of Scotland website uses the Revised Common Lectionary to provide helpful materials for all those leading worship. Contributors offer thoughts on the background of the Scripture passages, some ideas for sermons based on each passage, or combinations of passages, children’s address ideas, as well as prayers and music suggestions.


A range of ideas and where to find resources, including music and prayer can be found on the Church of Scotland’s Resourcing Mission website


Common Order is the Church of Scotland’s book of services and resources for public worship drawing from a wide range of church traditions. It offers complete Orders of Service, devotional prayers, and additional resources such as Scripture sentences, collects and a three-year Revised Common Lectionary guide.

Panel on worship of the Church of Scotland. Common Order. Edinburgh: St Andrew Press, 1994.

There are various other websites and also subscription services where you can find inspiration from others:


provides links to resources for study, reflection and liturgy which correspond to the Revised Common Lectionary readings.


provides Revised Common Lectionary resources free, including, texts, art and prayers


is a subscription lectionary-based resource, offering adult, family and all-age materials to support weekly worship and learning for every week of the year. 


is also a subscription resource. There is a complete selection of the four year narrative lectionary-based resource for all-age learning and worship resources and for children’s age groups. With a Scottish flavour, stories of love and justice and the grace of God are shared. The team are starting again with the Revised Common Lectionary from Advent 2019.


is useful information from the Wild Gosse Resource Group.

Choosing hymns and songs to fit the theme

It is wise to speak to the organist or worship group leader well in advance to check that the hymns are known by the congregation.

The Church Hymnary (4th edition) is organised thematically and the Melody and Music Editions have several helpful indexes. These include index by author/alphabetical/metrical etc.  Musical suggestions from CH4, with search facilities and tune excerpts can be found at


Other books such as Complete Mission Praise include a wider selection of hymns.

You can find a useful database of hymns a where you can also search for hymns by topic or by Scripture verses at



There are a great number of websites offering songs and hymns to fit with the Revised Common Lectionary Scripture readings. Some are more relevant to other churches so have not been included here. However, a search for ‘music for revised common lectionary worship’ will give many options.

More Music Resources

Music Video resources (some paid for to use in worship): 

Emu Music 

http://emumusic.com  (look at their YouTube channel) 

Downloadable Lyric Videos for Online Church – Emu Music 

Reawaken Hymns 




Scottish Psalmist 


New Scottish Hymns Band 

(‘newworshipsongs’ on YouTube) 


Resound Music 


Worship Lyric Videos  


Worship Audio Tracks 


Christmas carol videos


Music for Worship

Music for Worship.pdf :  This link gives you access to 100's of pieces of music with many popular hymns, both old and new. Please be aware of copywrite restrictions and ensure that you have the correct licence to permit public use.


Children and all-age talks

Children's talks based on the RCL and Narrative Lectionary


There are lots of ideas at




If you are producing PowerPoint slides, you can download free sets of Bible story images for teaching at


Downloadable resources from short talks to All age Services and seasonal materials


Scripture Union has a wide range of children and all age material available. Some are free and others can be purchased online.


Activity sheets are available at


Ideas for Prayers

If you would like to write your prayers in advance, you can find lots of inspiration in Scripture, for example in the Psalms and in the New Testament epistles.

The Church of Scotland website contains prayers written for particular seasons or in light of particular events and can be found at


The Church of Scotland magazine, Life and Work contains a monthly prayer


The Church of Scotland Social Care Council, Crossreach, has a range of Prayer points in the newsletter and also the prayer diary


Lots of Christian organisations produce prayer diaries which give material for prayers of intercession e.g. Christian Aid, Tearfund, Release International, Barnabas Fund, Scripture Union, CARE.   Many of these are available online.

www.re-worship.blogspot.com gives ideas for call to worship and other prayers.


There are many books for worship available to purchase. This is a very small selection.


Adam, David. Traces of Glory. Prayers for the Church Year B.  London: SPCK, 1999.

Barclay, William. A Barclay Prayer Book. Croydon: SCM Press, 2003.

Clowes, David. 500 Prayers for All Occasions. Eastbourne.: Kingsway Publications, 2003.

Mayfield, Sue. Questions of Faith?: Exploring Prayer. Oxfor: LionHudson Plc, 2007.

Fawcett, Nick. Prayers for All Seasons. Suffolk: Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 1998.

Fawcett, Nick. Prayers for All Seasons Book 2. Suffolk: Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 2001.

Sayers, Susan. Together in Prayer  Book 1: Intercessions based on biblical themes.  Suffolk: Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 1999.

Sayers, Susan. Together in Prayer  Book 2: Intercessions based on biblical themes.  Suffolk: Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 1999.

Wright, N.T. Twelve Months of Sundays: Reflections on Bible Readings Year C. London: SPCK, 2000.

The Panel on worship in the Church of Scotland produces Pray Now annually, along with many other worship resources. These are available from St Andrew Press.


Seasonal worship

There are many resources available for seasonal worship, including




Some useful online Christian bookshops. This is only a small selection.







Bible Commentaries are available from all good Christian Bookshops and online.