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Complaints - addresses complaints and legal matters

On the rare occasions that a complaint is received by the Presbytery regarding the behaviour of either and individual or a group within Presbytery, this is the committee that then deals with the issue. It does so within the legislation and guidelines laid down by the General assembly, and its deliberations are held in private. 

Once it has reached its decision regarding the complaint the committee will then make that decison known to Presbytery.

Complaints may be made of a minister, elder, officebearer, congregational member or employee of a church - but may also be made regarding a group such as an organisation, Klrk session, Committee, or indeed Presbytery itself. 

In cases which involve safeguarding or criminal activity, Police involvement may be required. 

The Complaints Committee is duty bound to investigate any complaint which comes to its attention, either by itself or by appointing an investigating team. In certain circumstances the complaints committee may ask for outside help with the investigation from appropriate people with appropriate skills but alwasy recognising the confidentiality of their duties.

In the first instant however such complaints should be made to the Presbytery Clerk who will direct the complaint onwards.