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Stewardship - Finance and Property


The Stewardship Convener is Mr Ian McVean.

His contact details are tel no 01360 440016 and email address ianmcvean@yahoo.co.uk.

The Stewardship Committee look at all things Finance and Property and supports the work of Congregations within these areas.

The Stewardship Committee attest the Congregational Accounts in May each year once all Congregations send their signed copies of the accounts plus the checklists from the Independent Examiners to the Stewardship Convener. Letters are sent to all Treasurers after this about their accounts and corrections are made where necessary before the Treasurers complete their OSCR returns. The Stewardship Convener then completes a report on the accounts for the Church of Scotland.

All Congregations are required to complete a report about Stewardship for the current year and what they propose for the next year by 31st December. This a condition for making an appeal against your Ministry and Mission contribution.

The Stewardship Convener sends out the Ministry and Mission contributions for the next year in October after the Stewardship and Finance Conference in October. The Committee meets to decide on the appeals in November and the final list is sent to Church of Scotland at the beginning of December.

All Fabric repairs and alterations over £10,000 including VAT must be sent to the Stewardship Convener for approval first by the Stewardship Committee. If they approve the Stewardship Convener will prepare a report and deliverance for the Presbytery. Any repairs over £50,000 require approval by the General Trustees after Presbytery approves.

All the Fabric records are attested at the meeting arranged by the Oversight Committee and a report on these is sent to General Trustees by the Stewardship Convener.

The Stewardship Convener will contact Congregations when they are due a full ten-year survey and an interim five-year survey of their Church buildings.

When a manse becomes vacant the Congregation must contact the Stewardship Convener to arrange an inspection of the manse. A report will be made to the Congregation of the work to be done to the manse to bring it up to standard.