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Strategy - Ministry, Planning Parish Strategy

There are two Vice convenors; Rev Dan Harper for Vacancy Procedure and Rev Maggie Roderick for Ministries. 

The Strategy Committee deals primarily with ministry, parish vacancies and parish planning strategy. In doing so, its remit is:

a.         To carry out the instructions of the General Assembly and the Presbytery in connection with strategic planning, vacancies and parish staffing.

b.         To deploy qualified Auxiliary Ministers, Local Ordained Ministers and Readers in appropriate placements within the bounds.

c.         To implement and review annually the Presbytery Plan and to introduce any necessary changes.

d.         To work proactively with churches to identify and implement new models of ministry and to identify and apportion whatever resources are available.

e.         To administer through the Vacancy Procedure Committee the provisions of Act VIII 2003 as amended.

f.          To identify the requirements for and to draw up job descriptions for parish staff, and to participate in the interviews leading to appointment.

g.         To develop and evaluate patterns of ministry (e.g. Parish Groupings, team ministries, etc).

g.         To encourage and assist members within the bounds to reflect on potential vocations to full-time or part-time ministry.

h.         To work with Ministries Council in securing support and placements for Candidates for Ministry.

h.         To act as a conduit between the relevant Councils and other agencies of the Church and the Presbytery and its constituent parishes.

The remit above is fulfilled in three ways:

The Vacancy Procedure Sub-Committee acts as the Vacancy Procedure Committee of the Presbytery. relating to existing vacancies in various parishes within the Presbytery bounds.

Its members deal with any matters arising between Presbytery meetings.

Members of the Strategy Committee who have undertaken Mentor, Assessor or Supervisor training can assist the Vice Convenor for ministries in liaising with Ministries Council and Candidates for Ministry.

In addition, there is also an Ad Hoc committee of Presbytery under the convenership of Rev Colin Renwick, working in conjunction with the Strategy Committee. The ad hoc committee is working out how the Presbytery will staff the parishes in the light of the present advice that the Full Time Equivalent Ministry posts across the Presbytery of Stirling will drop to 19/20 for the foreseeable future. The Presbytery Plan therefore needs alteration not only on paper but in reality, with congregations having to work closely together and with the prospect of various unions, linkages and closures taking place.